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Shopping for live coral on the Internet can be disconcerting. A hobbyist can never be 100% sure what coral or invertebrate will show up once an order is placed. Will your purchase look like the coral seen online? Although there is no way the online coral shopping experience will fully replace an in-person visit to Aquatic Cove, Our What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) catalog helps.

Live Fish
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Our fish are selected from some of the best sources in the industry. Every fish we offer is considered for its hardiness and adaptability to aquarium life.  Many of our fish are captive-bred from sources such as Sea & Reef, while others are net-caught from conscientious purveyors in Australia and Indonesia. We make every effort to offer only healthy, vibrant fish that meet our strict standards for quality and consistency- at competitive prices.

​Aquarium Maintenance
  Have you ever wanted an aquarium but didn't know where to start or thought you didn't have time to maintain its beauty? Let the aquarium experts at Aquatic Cove help. We can help design a setup to fit your budget, install it, and customize a service package just for you.
  Let Aquatic Cove take the hassle out of maintaining your aquarium with a custom-tailored maintenance plan. There are no mandatory contract agreements, so with your feedback we can develop a plan to suit your needs.